Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Thrifting

I have been on a thrifting kick lately and have scored some pretty neat stuff.  Being 8 months pregnant and the season is changing - I was initially on a mission just to get a couple of long sleeve shirts to get me through til November.  After scoring 2 purple shirts, I swung through the housewares and found some great bowls and plates to add to my collection and create some decorative pedestal stands with.  Check them out.

I just loved these saucers.  I plan to put a little vase or candlestick between them to create mini tiered servers. 
 A glass cheese dome and a compote dish that I will use to make a pedestal.

 Aren't these little glass plates cute?  A lot of people prefer white dishes - I seem to gravitate toward the clear.  Just so many possiblities and they work with any decor. 

Loved these little finger bowls. 

This little compote dish was too cute to pass up. I plan to spray paint the base silver or brushed nickel and use it for candy or mints.

And this little teacup is destined to become a pincusion for my sewing room or to leave upstairs when I am sewing bindings or doing hand work in front of the TV.

As the young lady behind the counter is checking me out and we are discussing my purchases, I spot these beauties nestled inside each other behind the counter on the floor...

When I asked her if they were for sale she said she didn't know but if they were, they shouldn't be behind the counter because they don't hold things for people.  She asked the manager who was standing close by and she said the same thing and asked it I wanted them.  I said sure (I didn't ask how much until afterwards but already knew I wasn't leaving them behind). I love bowls. Turns out the small one was $3 and the large one was $4. According to the date on the sticker, they had just hit the showroom floor that day so it was all about timing - as seems to be the case with all thrifting scores.  So including my two shirts - my total was $23.  Not bad considering my excitement over what I got.

The thrifting bug has hit... and I have a day off to myself next week.  Stay tuned...

Be blessed - Corynne

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Work in Progress

My goal with this feature is to basically show you what I am working on from week to week.Well, I have a lot of projects "in progress" right now so will just share a few because I have MANY!

Whirlgig Quilt

I loved the Bliss line by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. I bought three charm packs back in the spring and had a tutorial for a whirlgig quilt that I really wanted to try. I love pinwheels but sometimes getting those perfect points is a pain so I wanted to try this version of a pinwheel which was to be done with Charm packs. I used the tutorial from here . These are just a few of the finished pinwheels on my-too-small design wall in my not-so-glamorous unfinished basement studio...

While I love how they are turning out - I had a few problems (totally my fault) with the tutorial.  I will blame it on pregnancy brain.  Luckily, I had three charm packs because I totally miscut at least 10 of my charm squares.  Before you can split them into your pinwheels you have to cut off a 1/2 inch from one side of the charms.  I forgot to do this a couple of times and I was cutting more than one block at a time - frustrating!! I also did the same for my white background squares and cut quite a few of those wrong too!  Despite my mess ups I was able to get 36 8-inch blocks done this past weekend and now on to deciding on a setting.  I have quite a few charms left so I will come up with a simply sashed square baby quilt to use them up. Too bad I am having a boy, otherwise this would be the baby room theme fabrics!  I also recently bought a jelly roll of the same fabrics that I can't wait to use. 

Speaking of the baby room, look for a update over the next six weeks on nursery transformation from a little girls garden to a little boys zone. Only six weeks til he is here and it is not fit for a boy - yet!  I will feature before pics and the fabrics I have selected to work with.  Stay tuned...