Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Furniture Redo - Desk Chair

I bought this sad looking little chair from a fave thirft store near where I grew up.  (sorry I didn't get a true "before" pic) I remember going there regularly as a child with my dad to buy "play clothes" - clothes we could wear when we weren't going anywhere to just bum around the house in.  Play clothes usually consisted of sweats and t-shirts and shorts.  I think Dad was trying to help us avoid Mom's wrath and messing up our school clothes.  But I digress...

Anyway, I was taking a class at University of MO - St. Louis in the summer of 2009, which is right down the street and decided to pop in Value Village before heading home one day.  I got the chair for $4 and planned to refinish it for my sewing room.  Well, my daughter started kindergarten this year, and all during preschool we worked with her at home, at the dining room table, on her writing.  After one too many scratches on my table, I was on a mission to get her a desk for her room.  We found this desk for $30 at Goodwill and just repainted it a different shade of white and changed the knobs.  Not too happy with the knobs but I just wanted to get it functional.  Sorry - no before pics on that one but you will see it completed in a sec.

But for this chair I wanted to do something a little more eye popping.  So after scoring this great fabric from Discount Decorating Outlet for only $2.99 a yard,  (I had never really done a happy dance in a store until that day. )   I bought 13 yards, planning to use it for curtains (post coming soon on those).  It was also great to meet a fellow Etsian who was cutting and checking me out! Then I decided to give Laila my chair instead of searching for another one - I just really want to get her room finished.  Using the green paint left over from her accent wall, gave it a fresh coat then recovered the seat with this fabric.  I am very pleased with the result and feel inspired to get cracking on the 4 or 5 other pieces I have waiting in the basement for their makeover!

The little one hard at work!
Be Blessed, Corynne

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy 8th Anniversary

I was a romantic at heart when I was a teenager.  Read romance novels constantly. Couldn't stand a movie unless it had some element of romance.  Didn't get my first REAL boyfriend til college and still had no real clue of what love was until the last 10 years. 

Happy Anniversary to my husband Barry.  We met in middle school, were great friends through high school, lost touch during college but recomnnected because of our 10 year high school reunion in 2001 and married on this day in 2003. Best decision, after accepting Jesus,  I ever made.  Although I know the Lord brought us to each other - I am so glad I had the sense to see he was the one for me and say yes.

Thank you for my daughter and sons.
Thank for you for being a great provider.
Thank you for keeping God first in our home.
Thank you for being a great brother, brother-in-law, son, son-in-law, uncle and grandson
Thank you for being my best friend and showing me what love really is. 

My fave wedding pic!

Our Wedding Party

Love your wife,