Monday, December 12, 2011

Making Room for Baby - Part 2 The Progress and Diaper Bag

Things are coming along with Trent's room.  Babe started painting the room, I finished his quilt and it is ready to be bound and I finally got the diaper bag done.  So here are the pics:

The Cars fabric is an Anne Kelle by Riley Blake as are the argyle prints and a couple of others.  The pattern is Turning Twenty Again and backing is a minky type soft and comfy plush fabric.  Just a sneak peak here, more to come.

Front pocket view with the flap up.

The diaper bag fabric is Dandy Damask by Michael Miller. I love it.  I was a little leery about having so much white on the bag, especially the lining, but it is made from PUL (stands for polyurethane laminated fabric) and is waterproof which makes it a popular fabric for cloth diapers.  Plus I wanted something that I liked so I could continue to carry the bag even after he didn't need one anymore.  This bag is for me thank you very much - it just has his stuff in it!  Don't worry - the hubs has a different bag that he will carry!
Inside shot of side with 2 pockets.

Inside shot of side w/ 3 pockets

Back of bag, zippered pocket.

See the strap around the diapers in the middle pic above?  That is my cute little diapers strap that I will post about later.

Despite my excitement about the way the bag turned out - there were a few snags along the way.  First, my good ole Singer broke down as a I neared the end of the bag construction.  I was beside myself.  I've had this sewing machine since college and had never had any problems with it until recently. So the plan was while in the hospital with the baby, hubs was going to drop it off at the shop for a tune up.  I have two other machines that I inherited that need to be tuned up and repaired so that will be on my list to do in early 2012 - so if this ever happens again I have a back up and I need to upgrade to a new machine anyway.  I spend a lot of time sewing so I need something of quality with more bells and whistles.  I think my pedal went out so between replacing that and a tune-up, hopefully my problem will be solved.  The problem is when am I going to get my machine back and how much is it going to cost me? 

So what did I do?  My mom is a quilter as well so I just borrowed one of her machines.  She has a fairly new Brother that she hasn't been using (she prefers her older machine as well), At first I broke a few needles until I finally got it threaded right.  The PUL fabric was also thick which made going over double layers difficult where seams met but I got through them after doubling back.

The tutorial for this bag can be found here.  It is pretty easy to follow - even if you are not really a visual learner - like me. I prefer my instructions in words with pictures to clarify.  At times I wasn't sure I was doing it right but I kept going and everything turned out great.  The only thing I would do differently is add some interfacing to the flap.  Its a little floppy but it probably won't make much difference once I start putting stuff in it!  I put a couple of layers of Scotch Guard on it so it is good to go!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Room for Baby Part 1 - Before and the Plans

Well, time got away from me and our little bundle of joy is here!  Trenton Anthony arrived on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 5:20 p.m.  He weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz.  I will post more about his arrival later and tell you how I went to work anyway even though I knew I was in labor!    Three weeks prior to his arrival, I had done absolutely nothing to the nursery since my daughter last occupied it 3 years ago - she has been in her big girl room since she was two.  So here is what we were dealing with:

As you can see this was pretty much a catch all of sorts over the last three years.  So besides clearing out the clutter I have to revamp for a boy.

I did quite a lot with her room.  She had a little wall art, an accent wall and I had some basic decorations including her own bedding set and quilt that I made for her.  So, what to do for this baby? I must say - boys are harder to decorate for.  My hubby is the first boy I have ever lived with so to say I don't know anything about boys is an understatement.  I do have three nephews but I'm still somewhat clueless.  So this will be my first effort in decorating a room for a boy's taste.  So here are the fabrics I have chosen so far for his quilt and crib bedding.

I saw the car fabric on Etsy in various shops but when I saw it in a grouping with the chocolate argyle - I was sold.  My hubby loves argyle so I thought that would be a neat accent for the room.  So here is a list of things I plan to do for the nursery:

  • make crib quilt
  • 5 more receiving blankets (I have a few from Laila that were gender neutral that will reuse) - done
  • recover that hideous tan glider
  • Paint the room (leaning toward ice/turquoise blue and chocolate - hubs job!) - done
  • Make a new diaper bag for me - done
  • make a diaper clutch - done
  • make a nursing cover - done
  • make a little box pleated bag to hold diaper bag essentials
  • make buy a window treatment for the nursey
  • make a tummy time quilt (basketball fabric or blue and brown polka dots)
  • Make a car seat cover (Michael Miller Fabric) - done
  • Curtains for Laila's room - ok so this is not baby related but I really want to get them done soon 
And this is simply a list of stuff I want to make.  I'm not even talking about washing all the hand me down clothes we have been blessed with, reorganizing the closet and the other nesting things that need to be done still.  But I am feeling motivated and have been knocking stuff off the list.  So even though he has arrived, some of these projects will simply turn into maternity leave projects.  I will update as I get things done and post pics of completed projects and tell you where I got my inspiration. Stay tuned...

Be blessed,